Meet Our Office Staff

Company Directory

Sales Support/Customer Service – Plant Products
Joan Albert Ext 102 Operations Manager and System Coordinator
Sonney Mosley Ext 122 Vice President
Jesse Hensen Ext 121 Sales Support & Vendor Relations Manager
Charlie Standish Ext 115 Foliage and Nursery Product Manager
Tony Venturino Ext 110 Nursery Sales Support Specialist
Linda Ledonne Ext 124 Plugs/Plants, Seed Sales Support Specialist
Mary Youngblood Ext 116 Geraniums, Plants, Poinsettia, & Ghse Sales Support
Lauren Simendinger Ext 120 Perennials Sales Support Specialist
Doug Gray Ext 104 Nursery Sales Promotions
Customer Service – Accounting & Administration
Tim Iott Ext 123 Vice President / Controller
Lenny Zwick Ext 126 Assistant Controller
Bob Tomlinson Ext 113 Credit/Collections Manager
Kathy Kampsen Ext 111 Invoicing
Nancy Helbling Ext 107 Accounts Payable
Sunny Rottenberger Ext 128 Complaint Resolution Specialist
Keith Canniff Ext 103 IT Director
Jim Eason Ext 106 President
Product Primary Contact Backup
BULBS Tony Venturino Lauren Simendinger
FOLIAGE Charlie Standish Tony Venturino
GREENHOUSES Jesse Hensen  Lauren Simendinger
MUMS Mary Youngblood  Tony Venturino
NURSERY Charlie Standish Tony Venturino
PERENNIALS Lauren Simendinger Linda Ledonne
PLANTS SUPPLIERS A-G Mary Youngblood Linda Ledonne
PLANTS SUPPLIERS H-Z Linda Ledonne Mary Youngblood
PLUGS Linda Ledonne Mary Youngblood
POINSETTIAS Mary Youngblood Tony Venturino
SEED Linda Ledonne Lauren Simendinger
SUPPLIES Charlie Standish Linda Ledonne